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Welcome to E4Developer!

E4Developer is a website where I want to share with you my passion for Microservices, JVM, and Software Development in a broad sense.

I would like to share some interesting things with you and the best way to do that will be a quick tour of what you can find on my blog.

Microservices Articles

I love the microservices architecture pattern. I write quite a lot about it and you can find this knowledge in the following categories of blog posts:

  • Microservices – as expected, the general category
  • Choreography – which deals with message-oriented systems
  • Orchestration – which deals with orchestrated systems
  • Reactive – which deals with reactive systems, mainly microservices, but not necessarily
  • DevOps – an exciting mix of development and operations, that is becoming indispensable for creating successful microservices architectures

Just click on the categories as they interest you and start reading!

The amazing world of Spring

I am a huge fan of the Spring ecosystem, especially Spring Boot. When I discovered Spring Boot, I could not believe how easy it can be to build enterprise-grade systems. With that in mind, I categorize my Spring writing as follow:

  • Spring Boot – anything making use of the amazing Spring Boot
  • Spring Cloud – technologies related to Spring Cloud that builds on top of Spring Boot
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow – amazing Spring Cloud technology for orchestrating data-oriented microservices

If you want to learn what you can do with Spring- check out these articles. I am also open to suggestions of what else interests you in the world of Spring.

Leadership and growing your career

I currently work as a Lead Developer and I really enjoy the role. In these sections I will share my advice and experiences in leadership, building teams and growing as a leader and software developer:

  • Building Teams – how to build and work with successful and motivated teams
  • Career – anything that may help you with your career
  • Books – I love reading, here I share recommendations and reviews of some of my favorite books

If you want to boost your career or argue with my leadership advice- give some of these blog posts a read.

And more

Being an active blog there are a few other categories that may interest you

  • Personal – personal and blog related matters
  • Public Speaking – I sometimes engage in public speaking, you can find presentations and links here
  • Newsletter – archive of my monthly newsletter

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