Lightweight Kotlin Microservices with Javalin

There is a lot happening in the JVM space when it comes to microservices development. You have Spring Cloud thriving, Microprofile entering the stage, Vert.x letting you get reactive and Dropwizard being actively developed. What if you want something really simple though? And maybe with some Kotlin? For that you have Javalin! Continue reading “Lightweight Kotlin Microservices with Javalin”

Keeping your coding skills sharp with HackerRank

I have recently gave a talk about being a lead developer in consultancy. I have stressed there the importance of learning in the role of a software consultant. Beyond that, it is good to stay “in shape” when it comes to algorithmic coding. You never know when it may be important- a difficult problem at work or a short notice interview. Let me introduce you to one of my all-time favourite “tools”. Ladies and Gentlemen- HackerRank! Continue reading “Keeping your coding skills sharp with HackerRank”

How to learn Spring Cloud – the practical way

I have recently spoken at a meetup about Practical Choreography with Spring Cloud Stream. It was a great event where I was asked many questions after the talk. One question got me thinking: “What book about Spring Cloud do you recommend?” which as it turns out boils down to “How do you learn Spring Cloud?”. I heard that question posed a few times before in different ways. Here, I will give you my answer on what I think is the best way of learning Spring Cloud. Continue reading “How to learn Spring Cloud – the practical way”

Introducing JSON-B with Spring Boot 2.0

JSON Binding (JSON-B) is the new Java EE specification for converting JSON messages to Java Objects and back. JSON is used everywhere and so far we had two main ways of dealing with JSON conversion in Java- using either Jackson or GSON. With the introduction of JSON-B, we have a standard way of handling this conversion. In this article, we will see how Spring Boot 2.0 supports JSON-B, how easy it is to use it and how does it compare with the other options. Continue reading “Introducing JSON-B with Spring Boot 2.0”

Spring Cloud Data Flow – Use Cases

I have recently spent quite a lot of time playing with Spring Cloud Data Flow (SCDF). It is an amazing platform that can be used for many things. Talking about it with some of my colleagues I realized that not everyone knows what are the common use cases. Thinking about it further I realized that I don’t know the full scope of capabilities and business problems that it can solve! In this article I look at different uses for Spring Cloud Data Flow based on what the platform offers and actual stories from companies using it in production. The examples come from Spring One Platform 2017 conference. Continue reading “Spring Cloud Data Flow – Use Cases”

Spring Cloud Data Flow – Making Custom Apps and Using Shell

Last week I wrote about getting Started with Spring Cloud Data Flow. This week I want to show you a few more things that you can do with this amazing platform. In this article I will show you how to make your own Apps that can be part of Data Flow Streams and how to use the Data Flow Shell to control the platform. Continue reading “Spring Cloud Data Flow – Making Custom Apps and Using Shell”