Technical Architects – the role, the job and the value

Technical Architect is a job that many people understand differently. Some people argue Technical Architects should only design systems, staying hands-off, while others would see them as being deeply involved in the development of systems. In here I will explore the role of Technical Architects, the job itself and the value they bring.

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E4developer is growing – “Start Here” and more to come

It is hard to believe (mostly for myself) that I have already written 60 articles on this blog.

With hundreds of people reading this blog daily, I would like to provide more varied and valuable content. I started by adding a Start Here page to help visitors navigate. See what other ideas I have on my mind and help me chose. Continue reading “E4developer is growing – “Start Here” and more to come”

“Cracking the Coding Interview” – learn that and much more!

Three years ago I was looking for a new job. I decided that I will pick up a couple of books to help me revised for the interviews. One of those books was “Cracking the Coding Interview” by Gayle Laakmann Mcdowell. I expected a book that will help me revise for the interviews, but I got a lot more from the book! Continue reading ““Cracking the Coding Interview” – learn that and much more!”

CIA World Factbook API with Functional Spring

I have recently been very interested in microframeworks. One thing notably missing from that article is Spring in the context of a microframework. You may be surprised, but it is possible to write very lightweight APIs with Functional Spring. In this article, I will show you how, by turning CIA World Factbook into a REST API. Continue reading “CIA World Factbook API with Functional Spring”

Should I Learn Java in 2018

Should I learn Java? This is a question that just keeps coming up. If you are just starting out as a developer, if you already work as a Front End Developer or even if you are from the .NET background, many people wonder if learning Java is the right career/personal development move. Let’s see how useful learning Java is in 2018. Continue reading “Should I Learn Java in 2018”

E4developer Newsletter – June 2018 – Number 4

Thank you for reading my newsletter. In the last month, I wrote on Java, Microservices and creating amazing teams- as expected! I also wrote my first funny post – How to write horrible Java that was warmly received. Check it out!

I continue my fascination with Java Microframeworks ecosystem in The Rise of Java Microframeworks. If you have not heard about them before, definitely give it a read. Continue reading “E4developer Newsletter – June 2018 – Number 4”

Secrets to Highly Motivated and Happy Software Teams

Who wouldn’t want to work as a part of a happy and motivated software team? Wouldn’t it be great if every team you ever worked with was like that? Based on Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek and Drive by Daniel Pink, I will tell you how to make this possible. Continue reading “Secrets to Highly Motivated and Happy Software Teams”

The rise of Java Microframeworks

Together with the growing popularity of microservices and light-weight REST API, we are witnessing another trend in Java: the rise of Java Microframeworks. Javalin, Micronaut, Spark and many more make building REST APIs a breeze. In this article, I look at this exciting space and share my opinions on their use. Continue reading “The rise of Java Microframeworks”