Setting up RabbitMQ with Spring Cloud Stream

Message queues are very important and useful tools that you can utilize for your Microservices oriented architecture. Many developers are hesitant using them with the fear that they may add too much complexity and learning curve to the understanding of their system. I will show you how to make use of RabbitMQ and Spring Cloud Stream to get some basic messaging routes set-up with a very little effort!

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Seven Essential Skills for Microservices Developers

Microservices are gaining popularity and more developers end up working with them. If you are a developer who is going to work with microservices architecture, or an employer who is looking to hire someone- what are the most important skills for microservices developer to posses? Read on to find out.

The magnificent seven skills that will take you far!

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Starting with Microservices: Read “Building Microservices”

A lot of people want to start working with Microservices and don’t quite know where to start. I remember being there- finding that my next project is going to use microservices architecture and I should get familiar with it. Of course, I heard about microservices before and I have read some blog posts, but I felt that my knowledge had major gaps. If you are in this situation- worry no more! Just get yourself a copy of “Building Microservices” by Sam Newman and read it! Continue to find out more why I think this book has you covered.
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Spring Cloud – Blueprint for Successful Microservices

If you are interested in building Microservices in the JVM ecosystem- you have to check out Spring Cloud. Spring Cloud is a project which goal is to make Microservices architecture and patterns simple and practical to use. Spring Boot provides opinionated way of making a Microservice, Spring Cloud gives you an opinionated framework for getting your architecture around them.

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Java Enterprise and Microservices – meet Microprofile!

It seems that just recently majority of server-side development was done  with some flavor of Enterprise Java. Who can forget J2EE, or JEE, writing all these JSP, JSF and Struts applications. It also feels that over the past few years there is less and less happening in that space. New projects are regularly picking alternative technologies and release and  the release of JEE 8 did not have the same impact as Spring Boot or Microservices in general. Microprofile is an attempt to change that. Microprofile is the Enterprise Java answer to Microservices. Continue reading “Java Enterprise and Microservices – meet Microprofile!”

Helping your team – Draw together!

I love working as a part of a great software development team. Thanks to my job, I also have a chance to lead such teams. In this series of blog posts titled Helping your team I would like to explore different ideas and techniques to make sure that the team you are part of is performing at its best!

Before going into specific topic, it is important to realize that you do not have to be a team lead or a senior member of the team to incite change! Introducing good ideas and championing best practices can be done by anyone. As a lead, this is your responsibility.

Drawing Together

Whiteboards are a good investment

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