Reddit – the Java goldmine

Have you heard of Reddit? It is an amazing place on the Internet, where people share links and ideas. It has also a very active programming community. I visit Reddit daily- you can learn a lot from people there and have some interesting discussion. In this article, I will tell you how I use Reddit and why I consider it so valuable. Continue reading “Reddit – the Java goldmine”

My Family Chess Collection

You may know that playing chess is my passion. The name of this website- E4developer comes from the chess move I start my games with – e4.

There is another passion that runs in my family – chess collecting. I have spent quite a lot of time in the past few weeks documenting that collection and putting it up online. Check it out yourself – Continue reading “My Family Chess Collection”

E4developer YouTube channel is here!

Half a year after creating this blog I felt that there was something missing… I enjoy sharing my passion for the JVM ecosystem and software development with You, my dear readers, but I could never talk to You. I decided to change it and give YouTube a try. You can follow my efforts on the brand new E4developer YouTube channel! Continue reading “E4developer YouTube channel is here!”

E4developer is growing – “Start Here” and more to come

It is hard to believe (mostly for myself) that I have already written 60 articles on this blog.

With hundreds of people reading this blog daily, I would like to provide more varied and valuable content. I started by adding a Start Here page to help visitors navigate. See what other ideas I have on my mind and help me chose. Continue reading “E4developer is growing – “Start Here” and more to come”

How to write horrible Java

I feel horrible today. I am sick- my throat hurts, my head is not working as it should. Hence, I decided I will tell you how to write horrible Java code. If you are tired of all these beautiful patterns and best practices and you want to write something insane- read on. Maybe you like horror stories but in code- this may appeal to you! Continue reading “How to write horrible Java”

How to stay up to date with Java and Tech? Use Twitter!

Java, Microservices, other JVM languages… Programming, best practices, architecture… Libraries, frameworks, methodologies… I could go on for a while here. Being a passionate and up to date Software Developer is a challenge. How do you stay up to date with all this? I will let you on a well-known secret- use Twitter! Read on to find out what can Twitter help you with and how I use it to stay up to date. Continue reading “How to stay up to date with Java and Tech? Use Twitter!”

The importance of being humble as a software developer

I have recently been thinking about the importance of humility for software developers. I feel that the more I learn about building software the humbler I become, knowing I do not have all the answers. This attitude helped me a lot in my life as a software developer… Continue reading “The importance of being humble as a software developer”

Starting a blog – why?

It is 2018, January, time to decide what to do next. 2017 was an extremely eventful year for me. I became a British Citizen, bought a house and my daughter Eva was born. I don’t expect anything near that level of change in 2018, but who knows? There is one thing that I have been meaning to do for a while and it is to start my own blog. I am already writing for Scott Logic: but this one is different. It is my place to share what I like and not necessarily strictly work related.

On that note- what am I planning to share here? The things that I love talking and learning about. Technology, working with people, maybe a little bit of chess (that’s where the e4 comes from!) for a change. I will share my honest opinion and experience- hoping that it may benefit others who are facing similar situations, or inspire to do something. I am not a professional writer, so this is going to be a bit of a learning curve for me- please bear with me as I figure this whole blogging thing out and make many mistakes along the way!

Till next time!