E4developer Newsletter – July 2018 – Number 5

Thank you for reading my newsletter. I have some exciting news to share with you!

I have started E4developer YouTube Channel! You can visit and subscribe now. I posted a couple videos already, I recommend the Microservices Explained – Orchestration vs Choreography where I explain the key differences between the two. There is much more to come, as I explain in this article. Please give me some feedback. Continue reading “E4developer Newsletter – July 2018 – Number 5”

E4developer Newsletter – June 2018 – Number 4

Thank you for reading my newsletter. In the last month, I wrote on Java, Microservices and creating amazing teams- as expected! I also wrote my first funny post – How to write horrible Java that was warmly received. Check it out!

I continue my fascination with Java Microframeworks ecosystem in The Rise of Java Microframeworks. If you have not heard about them before, definitely give it a read. Continue reading “E4developer Newsletter – June 2018 – Number 4”