E4developer Newsletter – June 2018 – Number 4

Thank you for reading my newsletter. In the last month, I wrote on Java, Microservices and creating amazing teams- as expected! I also wrote my first funny post – How to write horrible Java that was warmly received. Check it out!

I continue my fascination with Java Microframeworks ecosystem in The Rise of Java Microframeworks. If you have not heard about them before, definitely give it a read. Continue reading “E4developer Newsletter – June 2018 – Number 4”

E4developer Newsletter – February 2018 – Number 1

As part of me running this blog, I have decided to create a mailing list and a semi regular newsletter. This is the first edition of that newsletter. If you would like to join it and receive the content to your email, you can sign up here. Continue reading “E4developer Newsletter – February 2018 – Number 1”