“Awesome Microservices” – discover technologies and theory

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would gather all the best resources, projects, technologies and everything else related to microservices? Yes, it would! The good news is- someone (many people) already did. Let me introduce you to awesome-microservices! Continue reading ““Awesome Microservices” – discover technologies and theory”

The Quest for Simplicity in Java Microservices

There is great value in simplicity. When things are simple, they are easier to understand, easier to extend and easier to modify. They are better. Simplicity is the ultimate compliment you can give to an architecture or a framework. In this article, I look at how four different frameworks- Spring Boot, Javalin, Vert.x and Micronaut; approach this quest for simplicity. Continue reading “The Quest for Simplicity in Java Microservices”

Microservices Definition

Are you really building microservices? What are microservices? There seems to be a constant disagreement on what constitutes microservices systems and what simply makes a “distributed monolith”. In this article, I will go back to basics and look at what’s at the core of what microservices really are. Continue reading “Microservices Definition”

CIA World Factbook API with Functional Spring

I have recently been very interested in microframeworks. One thing notably missing from that article is Spring in the context of a microframework. You may be surprised, but it is possible to write very lightweight APIs with Functional Spring. In this article, I will show you how, by turning CIA World Factbook into a REST API. Continue reading “CIA World Factbook API with Functional Spring”

The rise of Java Microframeworks

Together with the growing popularity of microservices and light-weight REST API, we are witnessing another trend in Java: the rise of Java Microframeworks. Javalin, Micronaut, Spark and many more make building REST APIs a breeze. In this article, I look at this exciting space and share my opinions on their use. Continue reading “The rise of Java Microframeworks”

WebFlux in practice – asynchronous service with WebClient

Building reactive microservices with WebFlux is fun and easy. In this article, I will show you how to build a reactive “synonyms” service. Making asynchronous API calls with WebClient is likely the most common scenario for a real-life reactive microservice. Continue reading “WebFlux in practice – asynchronous service with WebClient”

Adopting Microservices – Pragmatic Advice

Your company wants to adopt microservices. You are either really happy or terrified. A change like this can be great for those wanting to learn and improve their systems, but it does not come without its perils. If you want to be successful you will have to be pragmatic… Continue reading “Adopting Microservices – Pragmatic Advice”

Getting Started with Kafka in Spring Boot

Kafka seems to only be gaining in popularity. A few years ago you could mostly see it in Big Data engineering context. These days, Kafka is starting to power more common message-oriented architectures. In this article, I want to give you a basic introduction to working with Spring Boot and Kafka. Continue reading “Getting Started with Kafka in Spring Boot”

The State of Spring in 2018 – Devoxx UK Impressions

Thanks to my company – Scott Logic – I recently had a pleasure of attending the Devoxx UK 2018 conference. Among many interesting talks and speakers, there were quite a few Spring celebrities present. Juergen Holler (Father of Spring), Josh Long and Mark Heckler were all there. Here are my impressions from the conference. Continue reading “The State of Spring in 2018 – Devoxx UK Impressions”