AWS Solution Architect Pro, Good Habits and Blogging

I have been posting a little bit less recently. In some ways, it is easier to write two blog posts a week than one blog post once in a while. I have recently read the book titled “Atomic Habit” that motivated me to fix this state of affairs! Continue reading “AWS Solution Architect Pro, Good Habits and Blogging”

Making your machine learning idea real with AWS

Machine Learning and its applications are getting more popular every day. For many developers, building a machine learning powered application seems like a daunting task- all this learning, data collection, and computing power needed! In reality, it is not as difficult as it sounds- as long as you harness “the power of the Cloud”… Continue reading “Making your machine learning idea real with AWS”

How to learn AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular Cloud solution out there. More and more companies are using it every day. It makes development easier, safer, cheaper and better. Since it is becoming an expectation for backend developers to be familiar with AWS (or other Cloud solutions) I compiled here some of the best resources and ideas for learning it. Continue reading “How to learn AWS”