Secrets to Highly Motivated and Happy Software Teams

Who wouldn’t want to work as a part of a happy and motivated software team? Wouldn’t it be great if every team you ever worked with was like that? Based on Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek and Drive by Daniel Pink, I will tell you how to make this possible. Continue reading “Secrets to Highly Motivated and Happy Software Teams”

How to write horrible Java

I feel horrible today. I am sick- my throat hurts, my head is not working as it should. Hence, I decided I will tell you how to write horrible Java code. If you are tired of all these beautiful patterns and best practices and you want to write something insane- read on. Maybe you like horror stories but in code- this may appeal to you! Continue reading “How to write horrible Java”

Effective Java Microservices require Effective Java

Writing good software requires using the right tools. Choosing the right frameworks, libraries and designing smart systems. With all that to learn and worry about, it is easy to forget about another very important thing: using your programming language wisely. In this article, I want to introduce you to “Effective Java” by Joshua Bloch.  Continue reading “Effective Java Microservices require Effective Java”

How to stay up to date with Java and Tech? Use Twitter!

Java, Microservices, other JVM languages… Programming, best practices, architecture… Libraries, frameworks, methodologies… I could go on for a while here. Being a passionate and up to date Software Developer is a challenge. How do you stay up to date with all this? I will let you on a well-known secret- use Twitter! Read on to find out what can Twitter help you with and how I use it to stay up to date. Continue reading “How to stay up to date with Java and Tech? Use Twitter!”

Productivity advice for developers and development teams

Getting work done effectively and efficiently is a goal of most software development teams. On a personal level, being able to get a productive day at work can also be immensely satisfying. In this article, I will share with you my advice on how to be much more productive. This advice is inspired by “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – a book that made a big impact on me. Continue reading “Productivity advice for developers and development teams”

The importance of being humble as a software developer

I have recently been thinking about the importance of humility for software developers. I feel that the more I learn about building software the humbler I become, knowing I do not have all the answers. This attitude helped me a lot in my life as a software developer… Continue reading “The importance of being humble as a software developer”

Keeping your coding skills sharp with HackerRank

I have recently gave a talk about being a lead developer in consultancy. I have stressed there the importance of learning in the role of a software consultant. Beyond that, it is good to stay “in shape” when it comes to algorithmic coding. You never know when it may be important- a difficult problem at work or a short notice interview. Let me introduce you to one of my all-time favourite “tools”. Ladies and Gentlemen- HackerRank! Continue reading “Keeping your coding skills sharp with HackerRank”

How to learn Spring Cloud – the practical way

I have recently spoken at a meetup about Practical Choreography with Spring Cloud Stream. It was a great event where I was asked many questions after the talk. One question got me thinking: “What book about Spring Cloud do you recommend?” which as it turns out boils down to “How do you learn Spring Cloud?”. I heard that question posed a few times before in different ways. Here, I will give you my answer on what I think is the best way of learning Spring Cloud. Continue reading “How to learn Spring Cloud – the practical way”

Seven Essential Skills for Microservices Developers

Microservices are gaining popularity and more developers end up working with them. If you are a developer who is going to work with microservices architecture, or an employer who is looking to hire someone- what are the most important skills for microservices developer to posses? Read on to find out.

The magnificent seven skills that will take you far!

Continue reading “Seven Essential Skills for Microservices Developers”