The Key to a Successful Software Architecture

Recently I have read and reviewed “Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin. Very entertaining book. It made me think about the main quality that good software architectures exhibit. What is this quality? It is the existence of clear boundaries and well-defined modules. If you don’t agree with me- keep reading and I am sure we will find some common understanding. Continue reading “The Key to a Successful Software Architecture”

Discovering “Clean Architecture” with Uncle Bob

Recently I have been taking a bit of a step back from microservices and trying to look at systems architecture from a more general perspective. With that mindset, I have picked up “Clean Architecture” (Amazon) by the “Legendary Craftsman” (that’s probably the publisher’s enthusiasm!) Robert C. Martin “Uncle Bob”. What follows is my thoughts and overall review of the book. Continue reading “Discovering “Clean Architecture” with Uncle Bob”

The Quest for Simplicity in Java Microservices

There is great value in simplicity. When things are simple, they are easier to understand, easier to extend and easier to modify. They are better. Simplicity is the ultimate compliment you can give to an architecture or a framework. In this article, I look at how four different frameworks- Spring Boot, Javalin, Vert.x and Micronaut; approach this quest for simplicity. Continue reading “The Quest for Simplicity in Java Microservices”

Technical Architects – the role, the job and the value

Technical Architect is a job that many people understand differently. Some people argue Technical Architects should only design systems, staying hands-off, while others would see them as being deeply involved in the development of systems. In here I will explore the role of Technical Architects, the job itself and the value they bring.

Continue reading “Technical Architects – the role, the job and the value”

The rise of Java Microframeworks

Together with the growing popularity of microservices and light-weight REST API, we are witnessing another trend in Java: the rise of Java Microframeworks. Javalin, Micronaut, Spark and many more make building REST APIs a breeze. In this article, I look at this exciting space and share my opinions on their use. Continue reading “The rise of Java Microframeworks”

Microservices – the Architecture of Choices

One thing that differentiates microservices architecture from more traditional, monolithic development styles is the number of choices that have to be made. Which frameworks (if any) are you going to use? How to deal with configuration, orchestration or choreography etc. It may feel overwhelming. In this article, I will give you some advice on how to approach this Architecture of Choices with confidence and success. Continue reading “Microservices – the Architecture of Choices”

Spring Cloud Data Flow – Use Cases

I have recently spent quite a lot of time playing with Spring Cloud Data Flow (SCDF). It is an amazing platform that can be used for many things. Talking about it with some of my colleagues I realized that not everyone knows what are the common use cases. Thinking about it further I realized that I don’t know the full scope of capabilities and business problems that it can solve! In this article I look at different uses for Spring Cloud Data Flow based on what the platform offers and actual stories from companies using it in production. The examples come from Spring One Platform 2017 conference. Continue reading “Spring Cloud Data Flow – Use Cases”