Helping your team – Draw together!

I love working as a part of a great software development team. Thanks to my job, I also have a chance to lead such teams. In this series of blog posts titled Helping your team I would like to explore different ideas and techniques to make sure that the team you are part of is performing at its best!

Before going into specific topic, it is important to realize that you do not have to be a team lead or a senior member of the team to incite change! Introducing good ideas and championing best practices can be done by anyone. As a lead, this is your responsibility.

Drawing Together

Whiteboards are a good investment

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Starting a blog – why?

It is 2018, January, time to decide what to do next. 2017 was an extremely eventful year for me. I became a British Citizen, bought a house and my daughter Eva was born. I don’t expect anything near that level of change in 2018, but who knows? There is one thing that I have been meaning to do for a while and it is to start my own blog. I am already writing for Scott Logic: but this one is different. It is my place to share what I like and not necessarily strictly work related.

On that note- what am I planning to share here? The things that I love talking and learning about. Technology, working with people, maybe a little bit of chess (that’s where the e4 comes from!) for a change. I will share my honest opinion and experience- hoping that it may benefit others who are facing similar situations, or inspire to do something. I am not a professional writer, so this is going to be a bit of a learning curve for me- please bear with me as I figure this whole blogging thing out and make many mistakes along the way!

Till next time!