AWS Solution Architect Pro, Good Habits and Blogging

I have been posting a little bit less recently. In some ways, it is easier to write two blog posts a week than one blog post once in a while. I have recently read the book titled “Atomic Habit” that motivated me to fix this state of affairs! Continue reading “AWS Solution Architect Pro, Good Habits and Blogging”

You should learn multiple programming languages

The first language I used to write a small program was Pascal. Since then I have worked professionally with Java, JavaScript, Groovy and a few more. Currently, I am learning a bit of Go in my spare time. In this blog post, I want to encourage you to learn a new language as well and provide you with a few ideas. Continue reading “You should learn multiple programming languages”

Microservices – Why Do You Need A Service Mesh?

Working for consultancy, I already had a chance to build microservice based systems in large financial organisations as well as public sector ones. When sharing my experience with other developers, there is one topic that often comes up- many people wished that they had a service mesh from the start! In this article, I will explain what a service mesh is and why is it so useful! Continue reading “Microservices – Why Do You Need A Service Mesh?”

Which Java JDK should I use? Which provide free LTS?

With Oracle stopping free updates for Java 8 and effectively only maintaining free updates with the latest Java release (12 at the time of writing) a natural question arises… Which JDK should I use? This is a short article providing answers, depending on your circumstances. Continue reading “Which Java JDK should I use? Which provide free LTS?”

Java 9 to 12 – all the language modifications

We have all had quite a lot of time to get familiar with Java 8 and all the amazing features that it provided us with. Since then quite a lot have happened, with the release of Java 9, 10, 11 and this month 12 it is hard to stay on top of all the language changes happening! In here I will focus exclusively on the changes to the language leaving library changes to other writers. Continue reading “Java 9 to 12 – all the language modifications”