AWS Solution Architect Pro, Good Habits and Blogging

I have been posting a little bit less recently. In some ways, it is easier to write two blog posts a week than one blog post once in a while. I have recently read the book titled “Atomic Habit” that motivated me to fix this state of affairs!

As you might know, I have written over 100 blog posts in 2018 as a sort of personal challenge. It was not easy, but it was immensely satisfying! You can check out my summary post about this.

In 2019 I wanted to focus more on building things, experiment with video and maybe learn more programming languages. I planned to reduce my blogging to about once a week, but I didn’t plan to hold myself accountable… And here is the issue- I have lost a good habit!

“Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones” by James Clear is a really interesting book that made it clear to me what I was doing wrong. I was spending too much time planning things and too little time doing things. This includes blogging. I don’t want to summarise the whole book for you, but definitely give it a read or check it out on Audible.

So what is next?

I have decided to simplify my approach to choosing what given project I am currently working on and how to maintain my blogging. I will basically carry out two habits:

  • Work only on my main project– that means work on a specific thing until completion (whatever that means)
  • Write a blog post about my main project (or something else if I have it ready) once a week.

This way I will make sure to achieve something substantial before picking up my next project, as well as re-build my habit of regular blogging.

AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification – my Main Project

My current project is to pass the AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification. I already have the Associate level certification, but I would like to upgrade my knowledge by taking on the much harder version of that exam.

I am not really doing that for the sake of the certificate, rather I would like to get to know AWS to a much deeper level, as it is very important for my work. The exam provides nice guidance and the certificate would be useful even for my employee. It makes sense.

With that, you can expect quite a few extra articles about AWS and the things that I found particularly interesting when learning. Even when you feel like you “get it” when it comes to the cloud, there are still many techniques and designs that may surprise you.

What about the videos and courses?

At some point, I was working towards a video course about microservices. This is still a long term plan of mine. The problem was that I was working on that course while automating my house with Raspberry Pi, learning AWS and doing a multitude of other things. This is a large project and requires focus.

Making a high-quality video course is likely to be my next large project after I complete the AWS certification. The reality is that I am not yet quite ready to make a course of the quality I wish.

To get ready I need to get much more experience with teaching and video. As a remedy, I plan to create some YouTube videos now and then… I know that I said I will work only on my main project- the idea is to make the videos around learning AWS!

Expect to read more from me!

With this, I would like to leave you with a promise of more content from me. Also if you have managed to read that far, I want to really thank you. People reading and engaging with what I create are the main motivation to keep writing. Get ready to learn some AWS!

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