My Family Chess Collection

You may know that playing chess is my passion. The name of this website- E4developer comes from the chess move I start my games with – e4.

There is another passion that runs in my family – chess collecting. I have spent quite a lot of time in the past few weeks documenting that collection and putting it up online. Check it out yourself –

Don’t worry- I will not write less here! I am just excited to share this with you, as it may inspire you to do that personal project that you always wanted. Creating was an immensely satisfying experience.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the collection:

A beautifully painted Chinese chess set.
One of the most beautiful and famous Anri chess sets.
I love the light on this photo
I occasionally play with the artistic chess sets.
Here is my father, who owns most of the collection.

If you would like to see more beautiful sets and photos, check If you know of other beautiful chess sets worth tracking down- let me know!