E4developer Newsletter – July 2018 – Number 5

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I have started E4developer YouTube Channel! You can visit and subscribe now. I posted a couple videos already, I recommend the Microservices Explained – Orchestration vs Choreography where I explain the key differences between the two. There is much more to come, as I explain in this article. Please give me some feedback.

This month was quite busy and the newsletter is a little later than usual. Enjoy the articles!

What connects successful architectures:
The Key to a Successful Software Architecture

Looking at the goldmine of microservices resources:
“Awesome Microservices” – discover technologies and theory

Review and my thoughts on Clean Architecture – a very interesting book:
Discovering “Clean Architecture” with Uncle Bob

Very popular article about chasing simplicity in microservices development. We meet microframeworks again:
The Quest for Simplicity in Java Microservices

Going back to basics and defining what microservices architectures really are:
Microservices Definition

Looking at the value and the role of technical architects:
Technical Architects – the role, the job and the value

My favourite book on beating code interviews and getting better at algorithms:
“Cracking the Coding Interview” – learn that and much more!

Building a functional API with Spring, based on CIA World Factbook:
CIA World Factbook API with Functional Spring

See what you might have missed if your knowledge is mainly academical:
Computer Science Degree – The Missing Pieces

Take a simple quiz and see how mature are your microservices:
Microservices Maturity Quiz

Answering the question of Java relevance in 2018:
Should I Learn Java in 2018