E4developer YouTube channel is here!

Half a year after creating this blog I felt that there was something missing… I enjoy sharing my passion for the JVM ecosystem and software development with You, my dear readers, but I could never talk to You. I decided to change it and give YouTube a try. You can follow my efforts on the brand new E4developer YouTube channel!

The idea behind the E4developer YouTube channel

Reading articles is great, but humans are social beings. I enjoy listening to others as well as talking to them. I wanted to find a medium where I could talk to You, on a frequent basis, about my passion.

Conferences and meetups are great, but they are not frequent enough and I need to make a talk that appeals to whoever is selecting it. On my YouTube channel, I can talk about whatever I feel is interesting and it is down to my audience (You!) to decide if they are interested.

One thing to mention here- I have no experience in any video production, so this is likely to require some learning from me. Don’t worry, I promise to work hard and things will get better as I make more videos!

What videos can you expect on my channel?

I will start with a series titled “Microservices Explained” where I take a microservices related topic and give it less-than-10-minutes explanation. I have started with the microservices definition itself (based on my earlier article):

This is my first ever attempt at making a video. I hope you enjoy it.

Moving from here I have some ideas of topics that I will visit probably at least once a week:

  • Discussing good architecture practices
  • Reviewing technology
  • Live coding some examples
  • Talking about people management and leadership
  • Who knows what else?

If you have a good idea about what sort of videos you would like to watch- let me know in the comments.

Let’s start filming!

With that, I hope that I got you interested. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and let’s see what comes next. Wish me luck!