“Awesome Microservices” – discover technologies and theory

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would gather all the best resources, projects, technologies and everything else related to microservices? Yes, it would! The good news is- someone (many people) already did. Let me introduce you to awesome-microservices!

What are “awesome lists”?

Someone had an idea of listing the best GitHub projects and resources relating to particular technologies and… putting it on GitHub. This way, such a list can be curated and expanded by other community members in an orderly fashion.

This idea caught on so well, that now we even have a curated list of awesome lists. Seriously, go check it out- it is a gold mine of good resources.

Looking at “Awesome Microservices”

I spent some time looking at the Awesome Microservices list and I would like to share with you personal favourites of mine with you.

You can learn a lot from this list, just by looking at the capabilities section. If you want to learn something new, it may be necessary to know what is out there, or what is possible. Looking at the headings there, you get a nice list:

  • API Gateways / Edge Services
  • Configuration and Discovery
  • Coordination and Governance
  • Elasticity
  • Job Schedulers / Workload Automation
  • Logging
  • Messaging
  • Monitoring and Debugging
  • Reactivity
  • Resilience
  • Security
  • Serialization
  • Storage
  • TestingContinuous Integration and Continuous Delivery – this one, points to a whole other Awesome CI/CD DevOps list!

I can safely say, that if you know your way around all these capabilities, then you know what you are doing with your microservices architecture! If you don’t know about some of them- the list capabilities section of this awesome list is a great starting point!

I enjoy reading a lot and the theory section of this list contains links to many good articles. You will find there the microservices article by Martin Fowler (one of the most read articles on microservices I bet!), as well as links to other key documents such as the Reactive Manifesto.

One place where this list could be improved is the listing of Java VM frameworks. There is so much happening in this space, that it is difficult for any list to stary up to date. With that in mind…

Make it more awesome – expand it!

This list is on GitHub (rather than a blog) so that you can easily expand it. Suggest new frameworks, new technologies, other interesting articles.

Since you are reading my blog, I bet this is not the first microservices related article that you have seen. If you remember one that you particularly liked, or you use microservices related tech that is not mention there- read their very simple contributing guidelines and contribute.

I see the areas where we could improve this list as:

  • More up to date overview of Java VM frameworks
  • More interesting talks on microservices – there are so many good ones out there!
  • More books – there were quite a few good ones released even this year
  • More up to date articles

I promise you that I will make some contributions- I hope you will too!


Awesome lists are a great idea. A way for people to collectively share information on what’s great out there. You can use Awesome Microservices to help you learn about microservices or get inspired.

Given the open nature of this effort, I hope you will share some of your awesome discoveries too.