E4developer is growing – “Start Here” and more to come

It is hard to believe (mostly for myself) that I have already written 60 articles on this blog.

With hundreds of people reading this blog daily, I would like to provide more varied and valuable content. I started by adding a Start Here page to help visitors navigate. See what other ideas I have on my mind and help me chose.

Adding Start Here is just the beginning of adding more varied content to the blog. I am looking for other ideas for making this an interesting place to learn about microservices and have a good time doing so.

I am thinking along the following lines:

  • Top Articles as you can currently see in the widgets (or under the article, when browsing on mobile).
  • Guides and Tutorials that would form a logical continuation. I have written a few blog posts (for example on Spring Cloud Data Flow) that form a connected logical whole.
  • More organised and focused Book Reviewing Section – I really enjoy reading and listening to books, a dedicated top page could be useful.
  • YouTube has a wealth of High-Quality Technical Talks. It would be good to aggregate, categorize and highlight the best content.
  • Example/Reference implementations of patterns and ideas. You can think of it as Microservices Examples Catalogue.
  • Different Quizzes for either knowledge or comparing yourself with other developers
  • Any other thing that may peek the interest of fellow microservices and JVM enthusiasts

What content interests you? I would be very grateful if you could let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

4 thoughts on “E4developer is growing – “Start Here” and more to come”

    1. Maybe just having it as a side widget rather than a pop-up could be a nicer experience? 200+ people signed up with it, so it is providing some value to those. I think that once you dismiss it once it does not come back to haunt you – if it does I need to fix it! 🙂 thanks for the suggestion!

  1. Hi Bartosz, thanks for your really nice articles, keep up the good work! I really like your book reviews, the more the better 🙂 Best regards from LOIV graduate 🙂

    1. Thanks Jakub! It’s great to hear such a positive feedback. It seems that the world is quite a small place! I spent some amazing time in LOIV. Take care!

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