Microservices Maturity Quiz

How mature are your microservices? I have prepared a quiz that may help you answer this question. Below, you have a number of best practices that are common among the most successful deployments of microservices architecture. Take the quiz and see how you measure up!

Beyond this quiz, I would also recommend reviewing Common Technical Debt in Microservices. It is not only about doing the right things- it is also avoiding the common pitfalls that matters!

Question #1: Are your microservices sharing databases?

Question #2: Can you deploy your microservices independently?

Question #3: Do you practice continuous integration (CI)?

Question #4: Do you practice continuous deployment (CD)?

Question #5: Do you handle your configuration in a way that scales well? Example solutions include storing configuration in the environment or using configuration server.

Question #6: Do you use a load balancer?

Question #7: Do you use advanced monitoring (ELK or Splunk style)?

Question #8: Do you use circuit breaking – Hystrix, or a similar technology for a graceful failover?

Question #9: Are your microservices modeled around business domain?

Question #10: Do you use correlation id for correlating logs across microservices?

Question #11: Do you deploy in containers (Docker)?

Question #12: Do you use container management (Kubernetes etc.)?

Question #13: Do you use Choreography (asynchronous messages- Kafka, RabbitMQ) where applicable?

Question #14: Do you have a form of service discovery (Eureka, Kubernetes services etc.)?

Question #15: Are your microservices APIs dynamically documented with something like Swagger?

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