E4developer Newsletter – June 2018 – Number 4

Thank you for reading my newsletter. In the last month, I wrote on Java, Microservices and creating amazing teams- as expected! I also wrote my first funny post – How to write horrible Java that was warmly received. Check it out!

I continue my fascination with Java Microframeworks ecosystem in The Rise of Java Microframeworks. If you have not heard about them before, definitely give it a read.

I have once again included a few articles that I found interesting, but don’t come from E4developer website.

Reflecting on the current popularity and direction for Spring Framework:
The State of Spring in 2018 – Devoxx UK Impressions
Advice on how to write good Java code:
Effective Java Microservices require Effective Java
Much more popular advice on how to write horrible Java code:
How to write horrible Java
The psychology and biology of creating amazing teams
Secrets to Highly Motivated and Happy Software Teams
Miniseries on Spring and Kafka for developers:
How to easily run Kafka with Docker for Development
Getting Started with Kafka in Spring Boot
Microservices adoption advice:
Adopting Microservices – Pragmatic Advice
Another, practical, look at Spring and Reactive Programming
WebFlux in practice – asynchronous service with WebClient
Incredibly popular tour of the current Java Microframeworks ecosystem
The rise of Java Microframeworks

Beyond E4developer
Introduction to Micronaut – by Adrian Marszalek
Creating REST Microservices with Javalin – by Christopher Franklin
Spring Boot Profiles: A Strategic Way to Configure Applications – by Greg Rice