E4developer Newsletter – April 2018 – Number 2

Thank you for reading my newsletter. I have sent the previous newsletter on the 1st of March and I decided to send these on a monthly basis. Expect the next one in May.

I have been busy looking into different areas of software development, including Spring, Kotlin, and DevOps. I have been particularly interested in the idea of reactive-microservices and Reactive Streams. I think these will impact Java development in a significant way. Check Reactive Streams in Java – introducing the new SPI to see how Java 9 is already embracing these ideas.

I have also spoken about being a Lead Developer in Being a Lead Developer on the Road – Presentation. If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please get in touch via tweeter or my contact form.

New Articles

Personal and practical:
The importance of being humble as a software developer
Productivity advice for developers and development teams
Keeping your coding skills sharp with HackerRank

Spring Centered:
Introducing JSON-B with Spring Boot 2.0
Introduction to Concurrency in Spring Boot
How to learn Spring Cloud – the practical way

Kotlin Microservices:
Lightweight Kotlin Microservices with Javalin

The Phoenix Project – a key to understanding DevOps

Core Java and Development:
CQRS – a simple explanation
Reactive Streams in Java – introducing the new SPI

Public Speaking:
Being a Lead Developer on the Road – Presentation