E4developer Newsletter – February 2018 – Number 1

As part of me running this blog, I have decided to create a mailing list and a semi regular newsletter. This is the first edition of that newsletter. If you would like to join it and receive the content to your email, you can sign up here.

I have started this blog on the 13th January 2018, hoping to share my passion, knowledge and experience with the like minded people online. The first blog post: Starting a blog – why? gives a bit more insights. So far this journey has been amazing.

New Articles

On Team Building:
Helping your team – Draw together!
Helping your team – Start using pull request
Building services requires building teams

On Spring Cloud:
Spring Cloud – Blueprint for Successful Microservices

On Microservices in general:
Starting with Microservices: Read “Building Microservices”
Java Enterprise and Microservices – meet Microprofile!
Microservices Toolbox – Docker
Microservices Toolbox: Spring Boot
Microservices – Five benefits from the developer perspective
What you need to know about Spring Boot 2.0 (RC1)
The business case for Microservices
Common Technical Debt in Microservices
Application of GRASP to Microservices
HATEOAS – a simple explanation

On Career:
Seven Essential Skills for Microservices Developers

On Choreography with RabbitMQ
Setting up RabbitMQ with Spring Cloud Stream
Handling bad messages with RabbitMQ and Spring Cloud Stream
Tracing messages in Choreography with Sleuth and Zipkin

On Spring Cloud Data Flow:
Getting Started with Spring Cloud Data Flow
Spring Cloud Data Flow – Making Custom Apps and Using Shell
Spring Cloud Data Flow – Use Cases

My Public Speaking:
Practical Choreography with Spring Cloud – Presentation

Big News

Spring Boot 2.0 was released. This is a big deal. Check out the official communication!
Spring Boot 2.0 goes GA
and the release notes:
Spring Boot 2.0 release notes

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