Practical Choreography with Spring Cloud – Presentation

On the 15th February 2018 I had a pleasure to speak at The JVM Roundabout Meetup in London.

My topic was “Practical Choreography with Spring Cloud”. The idea behind the talk was to give practical advice on introducing choreography into microservices architecture. The emphasis is on practical. Choreography can be intimidating, especially for those not familiar with the pattern. Since I am a big advocate of Spring Cloud and I think it is a great framework for newcomers and experts alike, I demonstrate how it can be used to make that adoption easier.

If you are interested in the topic, if you would like to introduce choreography into your architecture, watch my talk that is available on YouTube:

I have made the slides used for this talk also available. You can download the slides here: Practical-Choreography-with-Spring-Cloud-JVM-Roundabout.pptx